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The Bone Orchard (McGee Triplets Book 1) Ria Baker

The Bone Orchard (McGee Triplets Book 1)

Ria Baker

Kindle Edition
141 pages
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 About the Book 

Maggie is the oldest of the paranormally gifted McGee triplets. Each summer the sisters get to go to different summer camps to enjoy being known for themselves and something other than one of the identical three.Maggie has been taught to use her gifts to help others but also the importance of keeping them secret. Her gift is above average strength, sight and hearing and this summer she also develops a new gift…the gift of hearing and seeing the dead.Having an unexpected gift and not having her sisters there to help her learn how to control it, Maggie decides to come clean with her best friends Zack and T, telling them about everything. Together they tumble into all kinds of paranormal trouble.Maggies first ghost encounter leaves her with a handsome young mountain man. A spirit named Cole, who falls in love with Maggie and becomes her friend and ghostly guardian/sidekick.As the summer progresses Maggie learns that not all gifts are fun, especially when she finds the spirits of seven little girls, all killed by the same man. This forces Maggie to go to the local police and share her secret with the task force. The clock is ticking as they hurry to catch the serial killer before he takes his next little girl.