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Advice for an Imperfect Single World Pat Gaudette

Advice for an Imperfect Single World

Pat Gaudette

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 About the Book 

From the back cover: Since 1996, people have been pouring out their relationship woes via email to a person known simply as Queenie, the feisty and no-nonsense advice columnist for Friends and Lovers the Relationships Guide.Advice for an Imperfect Single Worldis compiled from Queenies columns dealing with problems facing singles. Dear Queen of Hearts, I need to know if there is a problem with a person wanting to watch their lover have sex with another man. Please respond! -- MattMatt, if all of you are consenting adults I dont see that there should be a problem. The key words are consenting adults, which means all people involved are completely comfortable and agreeable to the act, and everyone is of legal age and emotionally mature enough to deal with this type of sexual activity.If these conditions are met, then you should also be prepared to accept anything that may happen as a result of this sexual encounter, including the possibility that your lover will dump you to be with the other man. Quite frankly, I wouldnt want to risk it. Do you? -- QueenieThere are 20 chapters including: Workplace Romance, Rebound Relationships, The Not-Quite-Exes, Sex, Virginity, Cheaters and Cheating, Threesomes.