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Master Suite that Indulge the Spirit Joy Rocco

Master Suite that Indulge the Spirit

Joy Rocco

Published September 13th 2012
Kindle Edition
47 pages
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 About the Book 

Full color book of design secrets that assure your room is special, no matter the size of your budget. Use furniture and accessories you already have without, in most situations, buying anything new. Included are photographs, drawings and furniture layouts.Discover how to achieve intimacy, relaxation, functionality and balance. Change your room (and home) from boring, ordinary and chaotic to that favored room in your house--charming, relaxed and encompassing.Layouts for furniture show you how a proper arrangement offer organization and peace.Ill show you how to organize your closet from a booby-trap to a calm experience to begin and end your day with perfect selections for work or play.If a man’s home is his castle, then the master suite is the fortress. It’s that private place where we go to renew our body, mind and spirit in slumber. It’s imperative that this room be fabulous!