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Little Gems (12 brilliant short stories a sick and perverted mind). by Ryan Hart

Little Gems (12 brilliant short stories

a sick and perverted mind). by Ryan Hart

Kindle Edition
148 pages
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 About the Book 

A synopsis of ‘Little Gems’.How far is going “too far”?“This is not a Confession” is the story of a young man who was driven into going “too far” by his guardian angel who pushes him into murdering the girl he loves. But only because it was what this young man wanted to do anyway but lacked the courage to carry it. Anyway, she didn’t love him so what was he supposed to do? In “Looking for my friend Andrew” how hard does the protagonist really try to find his friend? May be he didn’t go far enough? He says he did his best but had to give up because he was afraid of being killed. Could be just an excuse though. But in “Confused about your Sexuality?” that is surely going too far? Okay, so you want to be a girl but is that any reason to have your legs broken? And in “Mind over Matter” there is no doubt. He has definately gone” too far”. To combat pain and sickness he punishes his body to teach it a lesson by chopping bits off. He seems to think that’s the answer but it sounds like the solution is far worse than the problem. The protagonist in “Ennui” is making the same mistake. Contemplating suicide is not the way to solve your problems. Just because your life hasn’t turned out as gloriously as you’d hoped that is no reason to throw in the towel. This is not something that worries Daniel. In his story entitled, “Daniel” he makes no bones about how much he likes beating up people. If you were to ask him, he’d tell you that he never goes “too far” after all he’s left this victim alive. ‘Blood is thicker than water’ but in “Basic Family Values” we find out what that when a dad has had enough, then he’s had enough. But did he go “too far”? “Whatever Happened to the Rreal Cinderella?” is a reminder to all women that Prince Charming doesn’t actually exist. This story picks up the thread from where the fairy tale leaves off. If you marry a prince it never ends happily because you are merely a pawn in someone else’s battle for power and Cinderella certainly was here. In a battle for power you can never go “too far” and poor Cinderella paid the price. That is why, “A Children’s Story’ should be read to all children as a warning – if you go “too far” you will regret it. And then there is, “How Travel can Broaden the Mind”. A man who talks to insects? That’s an easy one. He’s gone “too far” and is absolutely bonkers. And stabbing yourself in “And the Moral of the Story Is...” to avoid having to kiss a gorgeous blond is also going “too far” as well. Fair enough, you don’t like her dog but stabbing yourself? “Damned with Faint Praise” is the story of Brian who destroys Peter’s chance of making a name for himself as a photographer out of professional envy. Brian you see is also a photographer and on the brink of fame and fortune. He knows he deserves his success because he has worked for it. Peter on the otherhand hasn’t. Okay, so he is a brilliant photographer but since he doesn’t know how good he is why ruin his life by telling him? That’s Brian’s logic anyway and he has no regrets.