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Atlantique Nord Redmond OHanlon

Atlantique Nord

Redmond OHanlon

Published April 1st 2011
ISBN : 9782070440658
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Having survived Borneo, Amazonia and the Congo, Redmond OHanlon now ventures into his own perfect storm in the wildest waters he could find. His rendezvous with destiny begins aboard a trawler converted for deep-sea fishing at a cost of $3 million - which is why its young skippers setting out from Scotlands northern tip when the rest of the fleet is running for safe harbor. Equipped with a fancy Nikon, an excessive supply of socks and no seamanship whatsoever, OHanlon joins a crew of five who stock a bottomless hull with the catch, day after sleepless day, even as the hurricane threatens to wash them overboard. While he helps inventory the creatures of the deepest North Atlantic - from jellycats to the wormlike hagfish, unchanged since its evolution more than 500 million years ago - his shipmates exchange manic monologues that range from their woeful longing for loyal women to trade laws and complex fishing quotas.